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"In a world where ISFPs, INFPs, and others are commonly mistyped as INFJs and few understand the concept of cognitive functions as it relates to typology, Megan does a masterful job of not only explaining in depth how it all works, but organizing the information in a fun to read and digestible fashion. Great book!"

- Matt

"The past months I was struggling inside because I wanted to truly know myself and that's when I discovered the 16personalities website and took the test. Now that I read this book, I feel less weird and am starting to love me for who I am knowing my strengths and weaknesses so I can develop my true potential."

- Joshua

"INFJs, as most know, have a hard time relating to half the stuff they read online. But this book is SPOT ON. Thank you for doing the INFJ community justice. If anyone ever asks me, "what's the perfect INFJ book?" I will undoubtedly point them towards this one."

- Joyce

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